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Cakebread Illustrations produces computer generated artwork and design to suit your publication or media output. Quality artwork, bespoke illustrations produced quickly and profesionally with over 18 years of experience.

Established in 1992 by Anne Cakebread when a cartoon by her was published in The Guardian Newspaper whilst she was still at art college. Initially producing cartoons, caricatures and hand crafted photo montages for publications including The New Internationalist and The Big Issue, the business has developed into computer generated information graphics and complete artwork for publication.

Anne's work was spotted by Nigerian football Manager Bora Milutinovic in Total Football magazine in 1998, and Anne was commisssioned to draw up the team's tactics for the World Cup in France.

This Morning contacted Anne the following year to work on the show after seeing her work in Livingetc. With a growing range of styles to suit a variety of clients Cakebread Illustrations has been featured in Computer Arts magazine in 2003. Current work can be seen on sets for S4C's 'ABC' TV program and TV adverts.

Anne Cakebread is represented by The Art Market.


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